Start Your Freelance Career in the UAE: Things you must consider while getting started with freelancing in Dubai.

Are you planning to move to Dubai and start freelancing? Or are you considering going solo and moving to a freelance career as an option? Well, either way – here’s what you must keep in mind as you choose to freelance in Dubai.

To be able to pick your own projects, set your own schedule and be your own boss, you’ll need the two most important things:

1. A Residence Visa
2. A Freelance Permit/License.

A Freelance permit/License allows you to legally work as a Freelancer, a sole practitioner or an independent contractor in the Emirates.

The next step you must take before you begin your freelance journey is to choose where you would like to freelance – UAE Mainland or Free zones.

The difference between freelancing on the Mainland and Free zone?

Freelance on Mainland:

As a Mainland Freelancer, you can carry out your freelance activity anywhere in the UAE. You can take up projects with both private and public sector companies without any hassle. Moreover, you have the flexibility to work with overseas clients giving you the much-needed freedom and a broad scope of opportunities.

Freelance on Free zone

As a free zone freelancer, you can conduct your freelance activities only within your registered free zone/jurisdiction. Each free zone has a different set of freelance activities that you can choose from.

Given that, be sure to evaluate all the alternatives and choose the one that best fits your freelance model.

If you want the flexibility & freedom to take clients from the Public & Private sector in the UAE mainland as well as have an option to work for overseas clients, We can help you.

Dynamic Freelancer is a Mainland Freelance Platform in the UAE, with over 750 onboarded freelancers. Plan your freelance journey in the UAE mainland with us. We can help you set up your freelance visa & permit in Dubai without any hassle.

Our platform will provide you with:

  • Residence Visa + Work Permit
    You will be sponsored through us, giving you the flexibility & freedom to work in the mainland, a few free zones as well as oversea clients.
  • Medical Insurance
    Different medical insurance options are available based on the individual’s health & age requirements. We also provide upgradable insurance options to suit your needs.
  • Access to Digital Platform
    Our packages include access to our very own digital platform designed to helps you monitor and track your visa process, manage all your clients & contracts in one place, raise invoices and track your payments.
  • Unlimited Invoicing & VAT support
    Focus on your core functions while we take care of your invoices via our exclusive invoice support system.

You will be sponsored through us, giving you the flexibility & freedom to work in the mainland, a few free zones as well as oversea clients.

For more information, Get in touch with us.

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